Rebecca Hoffman

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Rebecca Hoffman (she/her), Policy and Research Officer


Rebecca (she/her) has worked with LGBT Health and Wellbeing as Policy and Research Officer since January 2021. Her role at the organisation focuses on ensuring the lived experience of the LGBTQ+ community, particularly those with the most acute need(s), influences and shapes policy here in Scotland. Rebecca’s work principally involves working alongside Scottish government on issues which impact the health and wellbeing of LGBTQ+ people such as: mental health, suicide prevention, self-harm, health and social care and equitable healthcare for all (especially trans folk in our community). Rebecca sits on the Scottish Government’s Self-harm Strategy Advisory Group, the New Dementia Strategy Advisory Group and the Key Stakeholders Register for the new National Care Service here in Scotland.

Before moving into the LGBT+ Sector, Rebecca worked as a Research Assistant at the University of Glasgow, and has a background in asylum seeker and refugee community development. Rebecca holds an MRes in Public Policy Research from the University of Glasgow, and an MA in History and International Relations from the University of St Andrews. Rebecca also volunteers with her local (community-funded) Foodbank and has done since 2019. As a queer working class person, food dignity and community-based people to people solidarity are hugely important to Rebecca – even more so due to the impact the Cost of Living Crisis is having on LGBTQ+ (and other marginalised) people.

Ryan (he/they) became involved in LGBT Health and Wellbeing in 2016. After initially accessing support services and volunteering with the organisation, they joined the staff team as the Development Worker on the Lothian Trans Support Programme in 2020. His role includes offering one-to-one support to the trans community, as well as providing practical advice and developing/hosting community events. He is involved in healthcare improvement work for trans people here in Scotland, and is a member of the National Gender Identity Healthcare Reference Group. Lothian Trans Support Programme Events provide safer spaces for the community to come together and be themselves – the delivery of courses such as Quintimacy aimed to strengthen self-love and good sexual and mental wellbeing in our queer and trans community members.