21st October 2016

For more than 10 years now I have been working as a social worker assisting sex workers. Humanitas PMW in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, is a NGO that offers specialized support to anyone who makes or made money with sex, irrespective of for example the type of sex work, their gender, age, ethnicity or residence status.

5th May 2016

The work involved in “Conservative Christian Beliefs and Sexual Orientation in Social Work: Privilege, Oppression and the Pursuit of Human Rights” seems to have only widened in terms of where we are in the U.S. with regard to oppression, privilege, and human rights.

28th April 2016

In Britain, the ESRC funded research project Enduring Love asked the question: what are people’s experiences of long-term relationships?

28th July 2015

Transgender (trans)* young people engaging in survival sex in the United Kingdom and the United States is a major research gap and this blog will introduce a limited selection of compound harms featured in a broader interdisciplinary literature review compiled for my PhD thesis.

6th June 2015

A UK social work student, Ann*, was on placement in an Adult Services Team. In a case discussion Ann proposed that perhaps the recent unusual and more frequent challenging behaviour of a young man with Learning Difficulties could be related to sexual needs.