7th May 2019

Social Work & Sexualities 3rd International Conference: Laws, policies, guidelines and gender-sexuality identities – Mumbai 2020

11th October 2018

Meet the new co-chairs for the Sexuality and Social Work Group, Alfonso and Missy.

23rd January 2018

2nd International Sexuality and Social Work Conference, August 8th – 10th 2018, Montreal, Canada


21st October 2016

For more than 10 years now I have been working as a social worker assisting sex workers. Humanitas PMW in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, is a NGO that offers specialized support to anyone who makes or made money with sex, irrespective of for example the type of sex work, their gender, age, ethnicity or residence status.

5th May 2016

The work involved in “Conservative Christian Beliefs and Sexual Orientation in Social Work: Privilege, Oppression and the Pursuit of Human Rights” seems to have only widened in terms of where we are in the U.S. with regard to oppression, privilege, and human rights.