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Call for contributors to co-write a chapter

Call for contributors to co-write a chapter
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Dr. Susan Hillock, social work professor at Trent University,Peterborough, Ontario, Canada,  is looking for 1 or more Indigenous scholars who would be interested in writing/co-writing a chapter in her new book, Teaching Sexuality(its) in Higher Education. Here is a description of the book content:

Focusing on Canadian content and context, this edited multi-disciplinary book features the teaching of sexuality(ies) in higher education. This subject area, as well as the multi-disciplinary approach, is a rich and untapped area of scholarship. Thus, this book is the first of its kind in North America. There are no competing books that cover the topic of teaching sexuality(ies) in higher education, let alone, any multi-disciplinary books. This book features top Canadian scholars in the sexuality field including professors, medical doctors, practitioners, service providers, and students, from multiple disciplines and fields including psychology, history, early childhood education, occupational therapy, medicine, education, child and youth care, queer, gender/women’s, porn, disability, and sexuality studies, and social work, who bring their experiences and expertise to this book. The book is particularly geared to professors, instructors, and students who are interested in taking on a leadership role in this area, more effectively supporting students, and improving curriculum and the quality of the teaching of sexuality(ies) in their discipline. 

A draft manuscript has already been submitted to a publisher, has been approved, and has already gone through two positive external reviews. Although there had been an initial chapter featuring Indigenous perspectives on sexuality(ies), due to unforeseen circumstances, the chapter was withdrawn.

As she values and wants to feature Indigenous perspectives, Hillock is currently looking for one or more authors who would be interested in writing/co-writing a chapter in her new book. The time frame to complete a chapter draft would be over the next 4-5 months.  She hopes to have final approved manuscript by this fall, and in print by the winter. As well, suggestions for any scholars in this topic area would be appreciated, as well as,  their contact info. Please contact [email protected].